Brent Newey

Boston-Based Senior Technical Manager

Career History

Cruise Critic
2018 - 2020

Senior Technical Manager

I was promoted to Senior Technical Manager at the start of 2020, and subsequently took on the role of Manager for the Cruise Critic engineering team, part of the greater Tripadvisor engineering organization. Over the course of this year, I have expanded my management responsibilities to include strategy sessions as part of the Cruise Critic Leadership Team, and the building of a new set or processes and responsibilities for the newly formed Engineering team. I also oversaw the completion of a migration from PHP/MySQL to React/GraphQL.

2018 - 2020

Technical Manager

At the beginning of 2018, much of TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals shifted their focus to work on Experiences. I contributed Java and React code as part of a rewrite of the supplier center. This allowed me to learn the technology before transitioning to a management role.

Over the course of the next two years, I built a team of six engineers and two project teams, responsible for the pricing model and migration to the new supplier center. We also retired legacy systems replaced by the new system and built specific services within our Demand Services architecture. These were a major step toward our goal of a single-source-of-truth, high-throughput architecture to power all of our demand platforms.

2013 - 2017

Principal Software Engineer

After TripAdvisor bought out FlipKey, my responsibility shifted to technical leadership. I was the team lead and primary architect for the creation of and migration to a central supply platform for all of TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals (TAVR).

During this time I led a team of twelve engineers in implementing the migration of the Rent by Owner and Property Management platforms to the TAVR central supply platform. I put into practice the management techniques I had developed over my time leading a smaller team. I also interviewed prospective Java developers and mentored senior engineers, teaching interview, project management, and design and code review techniques.

2009 - 2012

Senior Software Engineer

At FlipKey, I focused on our payment and billing platforms. I developed the PHP frontend and Python backend for our online rental payments engine, and created a recurring billing system that used Braintree as its credit card vaulting environment. I led a small team in developing new features for the payments system.

While at FlipKey, I honed my interviewing skills, evaluating over a hundred candidates for a variety of software and architectural roles. I also built substantial people and project management skills and developed a management philosophy based around valuing people and removing obstacles to enable their success.

Charles River Analytics
2007 - 2008

Freelance Programmer

I worked at Charles River Analytics as a contractor for the United States Air Force. I built a distributed agent-based system which could detect cyber attacks using a probability aggregating technique called a Bayesian Network. The system would take in a variety of outputs and tell you the probability that you were under a cyber attack.

Bain & Company
2006 - 2007

Applications Developer

At Bain & Company I worked with consultant managers to develop investment and employee management software. Most of the work was done in ASP.Net and Microsoft SQL Server. I also interviewed prospective .Net developers.

Liquid Advertising
2003 - 2005

Software Engineer

Liquid Advertising was a consulting service that provided lead generation tools for real estate and resort clients. I independently created the software that we needed and developed content management and form design tools that could be reused for each client with minimal oversight.


Worcester Polytechnic Institute Worcester, MA
Bachelor of Science, Major in Computer Science, 2003


Adaptive Websites Using Genetic Algorithms

This project used genetic algorithms to find the best way to organize units of information in a page hierarchy and link them together.


I wrote this implementation of Tetris in C for Linux and Windows.


I created this Sokoban game in Python.


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John T. Langton, Brent Newey, Evaluation of current visualization tools for cyber security, In Cyber Security, Situation Management, and Impact Assessment II; and Visual Analytics for Homeland Defense and Security II, edited by William J. Tolone, William Ribarsky, Proceedings of SPIE, Volume 7709, 2010.


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